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Better Body and Beyond Massage Therapy Portage, MI

A big thank you to my Massage Therapy Clients of Portage and the surrounding areas for your continued support.
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"I have a lot of headaches and migraines. Tim has worked with me over a few sessions to not only relieved the pain but help me find the cause of my headaches. I didn't know that a headache could stem from shoulder and neck pain, but now I know how to recognize early tension and get body work done before the pain is unbearable. Tim really cared about my well being and was sensitive to my needs. Thanks Tim!"


"Tim makes certain that you are comfortable during the session. He is very flexible with his time and days when scheduling."


"I've been seeing Tim for over a year now. He's got very soothing hands. I always leave the massage session extremely relaxed and knot free. I had an issue with my hips and the muscles in them being completely tense and a wee bit of an alignment. One session and Tim had me back in perfect shape.
Tim offers a relaxing warm massage table and at the end of the massage tapotement sticks can be used. They give you a reinvigorated feeling through your entire relaxed body!
I recommend Tim to everyone I know regularly!"


"I just met Tim this past weekend and he was very attuned to all of my needs. He was attentive and was able to figure out where my issues were at and personalized my massage to fix them. He made me feel comfortable and his massage space is soothing, relaxing and warm. He is passionate about what he does and is always taking time to learn new techniques. I would highly recommend him for all of your massage and relaxation needs."


"Tim is amazing. His location is tranquil and welcoming. He pays close attention to every detail and what I ask or explain I'm needing that day. I leave feeling completely relaxed and highly satisfied. I would definitely recommend him."


"I cannot recommend Tim high enough for an amazing massage!!!! I'd never had a massage from him before.  Because my previous massage therapist went a different direction with her talents, and I wish her nothing but the best, I did research and decided to try Better Body and Beyond.  Extremely professional, concerned about my medical needs, and a good listener to what type of massage I wanted.  He does do mobile massage, but I went to him in Portage MI and I will DEFINITELY return to him.  I highly recommend him!"


"As part of a class assignment, I received 2 sessions of massage therapy from Tim Jansen,  He did a rather extensive question/evaluation, and noted a slight abnormality in my walk.  After 2 sessions of massage I felt relief in my shoulders and lower back.  I also believe my walk is better.  I believe Tim is very good at the art of therapeutic massage."



"I have been receiving massage services from Mr. Jansen for the past year, and I have enjoyed each one of them.  I am a hairstylist, and have always had a lot of problems with my shoulders and lower back aching.  Ever since having my second child, I have had even more problems with my lower back.  Tim used an acupressure technique that really seemed to do the trick.  Mr. Jansen uses the perfect amount of pressure during his massages.  He is genuinely concerned about his client’s comfort during massages, and knows how to relieve their pains.  Every time I receive a massage, he seems to improve.  Mr. Jansen is very good at what he does.  He is a very hard working man, who is very kind and patient.  Massage clients will always enjoy their massages from him.  I would recommend his massage services to anyone that I know."



"I never thought I would be the kind of person to get massage therapy on a regular basis. I always thought it was a luxury I could never afford. I have been suffering from Fibromyalgia for years, and my doctor actually told me that regular massage would help my condition. Tim Jansen's wide range of knowledge and skills in the professional massage field, and his affordable prices make my regular sessions something I refuse to miss. I just can not explain the wonderful changes I have noticed since I have started going to him. I certainly experience much less pain and can do more than I have in a long time. I find it very convenient that he can come to where I am, and always has a very professional look and demeanor. I recommend Tim to all my family and friends. I just can't praise his work enough!"


"I work in a call center and 90% of my day consists of sitting in front of a computer.  Needless to say this does cause a great deal of stress on my back.  Tim did a terrific job with identifying my problem areas, and afterward I felt much more relaxed and refreshed.  I highly recommend him!"


"My mother had many health problems when we first met Tim Jansen and he offered a massage to her.  She was relaxed right after it and seemed like she never had the health problems from before.  I am very greatful to him for his help.  On occasion when my mother comes to visit Tim she will signal that she needs help with a massage and he will give her one.  She then feels much better."